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On the 1° April 2015 the first corporate canteen managed by Metaworld Group was born.

Thanks to the excellent and tight collaboration with Bally SA in Caslano, our team proposed to revolutionize its old canteen. The goal was to follow simple, stable but modern rules, bringing in this way fresh air. The planning took one year and it allowed us to create a unique concept, specially-made for Bally, in order to reflect its essence.

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Our main aim is based on proposing a cooking very far away from the classical and old idea of corporate canteen. Our mission, instead, is to overturn tastes and dishes through the use of simple but savoury raw materials. The focus is to transform lunches in moment of relax and pleasure, supporting the importance of positive communication among colleagues. This concept has been endorsed also by the restyling of the kitchen furnitures in the canteen. The increase of colours, the creative but orderly disposition of advertising posters and the creation of smaller and more intimate table divided from vegetation have totally eradicated greys and long and joined table. After these changes the location is of course more confortable and results are visible in people flow.

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Our menu proposal has the goal of having a 2-week cycle, assuring a certain variety of tastes and savouries.

Menus are thought to satisfy tastes of all the customers. Our Chef cooks cold and warm dishes personally combinable, as for example our “salad corner”.

It doesn’t miss warm dishes directly served from our canteen team: meat, fish, vegetables and much more.

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